GripMatix create dashboard pack for monitoring Citrix

    We are delighted to announce that GripMatix have created a brand new SquaredUp Dashboard Pack to complement their Citrix MP.

    Coffee break: Free SCOM essentials you should be using

    SCOM is a true powerhouse of a platform – that much is clear to anyone who’s used it. But it needs some extra love to unlock its true potential.

    SCOM is the most popular tool for monitoring SBC/ VDI

    Google “SCOM and Azure” and the top hits will tell you all about “Moving from SCOM to Azure Monitor”. You’d be forgiven for thinking SCOM is being replaced

    Visualising SCOM PowerShell tasks with SquaredUp

    How to use Cookdown’s PowerShell MP to create SCOM tasks written in PowerShell and how to visualise the output of your tasks more efficiently.

    Fill SCOM gaps with Azure Monitor

    We are delighted to welcome guest blogger Brian Wren of Microsoft. Brian is something of a superstar in the SCOM world – and you will see why when you check out his technical guides on TechNet or Microsoft Learn. His series on Management Pack Authoring for SCOM is a definitive guide that has helped many...

    Coffee break: hybrid monitoring with MSFT’s Azure MP

    How can we deliver a complete monitoring strategy for our hybrid environments via SCOM? Check out our Webinar to find out more.

    Coffee break: monitoring your VMware vSphere

    NiCE now offer an impressive SCOM MP for monitoring VMware vSphere. Check out our Webinar to find out more.

    20 Operations Manager Tips in 20 Minutes

    Up your SCOM game with these 20 Operations Managers tips from our founder Richard Benwell and Microsoft MVP Tao Yang.

    Coffee break: monitoring your Office 365 services

    NiCE, aka the “Kings of Xplat”, have built an amazing outside-in Office 365 MP.

    Working with REST APIS – Part 2

    How can you get the most out of your REST APIs? Let us show you – by using the example of integrating SquaredUp with the ServiceNow REST API.

    Working with REST APIs – Part 1

    What exactly is a REST API, and how does it work?

    Kusto 101 – A Jumpstart Guide to KQL

    Need a jumpstart into the world of Kusto? This blog post will get you up to speed with KQL in just 10 minutes!

    GripMatix release new Citrix MP

    In today’s guest blog, Merijn will be sharing with us GripMatix’s new feature-packed Citrix MP and explaining how it works exceptionally well when used wit

    SquaredUp for Azure is coming

    What is this new Azure product? It is a dashboarding product that will run natively against Azure. It will let you build and share compelling dashboards...

    Microsoft showcase SquaredUp WAC extension at Windows Server Summit

    Help make our extension even better by sharing your WAC usage with us through this 2-minute survey. On May 22nd, more than 8,500 people gathered online for Microsoft’s long-anticipated Windows Server Summit (WSS) – the annual virtual event that covers the latest and greatest in all things Windows Server. It is where industry experts announce...

    Upgrading to SCOM 2019 Step-by-step

    In this blog, Leon Laude - System Consultant & Knowledge-Sharing Enthusiast, has performed an in-place upgrade from SCOM 2016 to SCOM 2019.

    Cookdown: Helping you do more with SCOM

    Today is a very special day for SquaredUp and, we hope, for the broader SCOM community. We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of Cookdown, a new brand dedicated to optimising SCOM with platform extensions and integrations. Monitor, extend, integrate Cookdown is where you’ll now find our popular community solutions such as the PowerShell...

    How to build enterprise application dashboards

    Join Matthew Long and Kevin Roast for the last installment of the SquaredUp 4.0 training series.

    Why ITOps still suffers from alert fatigue

    Discover why ITOps have collectively decided to banish your monitoring alerts to their junk folders and what you can do to fix it.

    How to map and monitor your enterprise applications

    Join Matthew Long and Wayne Plummer as we take you on a deep dive through the all new Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA) features in SquaredUp v4.