Gartner positions SCOM as a top APM tool

    SCOM surged forward as an application performance management (APM) tool this summer and it received a Customers’ Choice 2018 award from Gartner.

    How to configure Enterprise Applications

    Join Matthew Long and Ashley Thompson as we take you through configuring Enterprise Application availability monitoring in SquaredUp v4.

    Coffee Break: Advanced application availability monitoring

    Join Matthew Long and Adam Kinniburgh as we take a deep dive on the new Application Availability Monitoring features in SquaredUp v4.

    Upgrading from v3 to v4

    Join Matthew Long and Adam Kinniburgh for the first installment of the SquaredUp 4.0 training series.

    Checklist: Plan your hybrid cloud monitoring strategy

    Are you planning a hybrid cloud monitoring strategy? Our checklist walks through six essential steps to success.

    The public cloud vs. the private cloud

    It’s 2021 and 94% of all enterprise IT workloads are running in the public or private cloud. This is the prediction made by Cisco.

    How to integrate PRTG with SquaredUp

    “What kind of integrations do you have with PRTG?” Yesterday, one of our favourite German customers asked us that question. And today we post our answer in a blog post!

    How to add Solarwind nodes to your Enterprise Applications

    Today we welcome David Morris, a System Centre Engineer for one of the world's largest law firms, who has written a special guest blog about the Solarwinds community MP.

    The challenges of choosing an APM tool

    Here are five initial challenges to consider when choosing an APM tool, with relevant comments sourced from G2 Crowd.

    The science behind APM – how it works

    Learn how APM works as the next-generation of monitoring technology putting application availability & performance at the heart of the monitoring strategy.

    What is Application Performance Management?

    Application Performance Management (APM) tools are hot right now - so much so that it won't be long before APM reaches the same level of notoriety as the cloud, the IoT, and a personal favourite - big data.

    How to create actionable SCOM reports in minutes!

    Exploring performance data in SquaredUp is simple, fast, and intuitive, thanks to combining cutting-edge web data visualisation with highly efficient back-end integration with SCOM.

    Introducing Lior Armiev’s SCOM Wildcard Service

    Lior Armiev, a cloud monitoring and automation specialist, makes his second guest appearance on our blog.

    Send disk usage reports on “disk full” alerts in SCOM

    This article provides a PowerShell script that gathers disk usage and then sends the report. It will also describe the steps to configure a diagnostic task on a "disk full" alert in SCOM.

    Using SCOM to detect missing Active Directory site IP subnet allocations

    We say hello to Ruben Zimmerman today for his first guest post on our blog.

    How to build an extension for Windows Admin Center

    Fresh after Windows Admin Center (WAC) became generally available, Microsoft demonstrated how easy it is to build your own WAC extension.

    IIS Log Management with SCOM and SquaredUp

    We'd like to introduce you to Peter West. Peter is a Server Administrator at DFDS and the newest member of our highly esteemed guest blogger team.

    Manage very remote services with SCOM

    We're delighted to welcome Lior Armiev. Lior is a cloud monitoring and automation specialist, who works as a Technical Manager at Cloud Valley.

    Working with Azure Monitor Rest API

    We’re delighted to welcome back Martin Ehrnst, author of our recent ‘Monitoring Microsoft Azure and Hybrid Cloud’ article, for another special guest blog. Martin works at Intility, one of Norway’s leading Managed Service Providers, managing a SCOM deployment covering well over 3000 on-prem servers. With the recent deprecation of the Operations Management Suite (OMS), Martin...

    3 awesome ways to use your SCOM Data Warehouse

    Get an introduction to querying your SCOM Data Warehouse, together with examples of some of the awesome insights you can glean from it.