Kusto: A new query language for OMS Log Analytics

Yep, you read that right, there’s a new query language coming to Microsoft’s OMS Log Analytics service!

Getting value from your OMS data

This OMS feature blog sadly signals the end of our v3.1 blog series (boo!), but as if by magic, a new series for v3.2 will soon be on the agenda

Introducing our new WebAPI tile (ft. ServiceNow integration)

Wow, May was a busy month! So much so that we took our foot off the gas when it came to our v3.1 feature blogs but, fear not, we're back and ready to…

Dashboard Pack for HPUX Servers

More community goodness this week, once again from Andre Schoeman, who’s put together a new Dashboard Pack for the SCOM Management Pack for UNIX and L…

Best practice for building stunning application dashboards

Join Richard South and Matthew Long, as we look at best practices for building dashboards for Application monitoring in SCOM, using Squared Up. We dis…

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