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Cloud cost analytics

The fastest way to reduce cloud costs is to shine a light on them.

Plug directly into the billing APIs for AWS, Azure and GCP to discover what you spend, where to save, and when things change. No more waste, no more nasty surprises.

Any cloud

Report across multiple cloud accounts and providers for a consolidated view on your spending.

Instant answers

Deliver up-to-date reports and real-time monitoring of changes by plugging directly into the cloud APIs.

Flexible reporting

Correlate billing with other operational data to unlock deeper insights on your cloud spending.

Get started.
Completely free.

What’s included in the free version?
  • 3 users
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Access to over 50 plugins

Paid plans start at $29/user/month

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Plugins for Cloud cost analytics


Monitor your AWS environment, including EC2, Lambda Functions, CloudWatch and more.


Monitor your Azure environment, including VM, Functions, Cost and more.

Google Cloud Platform

Monitor your GCP environment, including GKE, Hosts and more.


Visualize your Pendo report data and custom aggregation queries.

SquaredUp has 60+ pre-built plugins for instant access to data.

One platform for all your engineering insights