Azure Monitor (Part 3): Azure Monitor Logs – Solutions

    Learn how to get data into your Azure Monitor Log Analytics workspace—using Solutions!

    Migrating to Azure: made easy with 3 handy tools

    Migrating from SCOM to Azure? Learn how to make your move from on premises to the cloud easier with tools like Azure Site Recovery, Zerto or Movere.

    Azure Monitor (Part 2): Azure Monitor Logs—Getting Started

    A step-by-step guide to setting up Azure Monitor Logs. Part 2 of an Azure Monitor blog series that covers everything from the basics to advanced use cases.

    How GripMatix created the topology overview

    In this guest blog by Merijn Overgaauw, learn the creative process behind the topology overview of GripMatix's Dashboard Pack.

    Azure Monitor (Part 1): What is it and how does it work?

    New to Azure Monitor? This blog series takes you from the basics, through to the most advanced use cases!

    From Zero to Hero: My Azure Monitor Learning Path

    New to Azure Monitor? Join me on this blog series where we learn all things Azure Monitor: everything from the basics to the most advanced use cases!

    Coffee break: upgrading to SCOM 2019

    Let Leon Laude, System Center Consultant and knowledge-sharing enthusiast, walk you through some best practices for upgrading to SCOM 2019.

    Meet the Tech Evangelist Group!

    Say hi to our new customer-facing tech team! They'll be doing their best to make your monitoring and SquaredUp experience that much more enjoyable.

    Introducing our new CTO – Rich Jones

    Get to know our new CTO Rich Jones through this exclusive interview, where he shares his motivations and future plans for SquaredUp.

    Coffee break: SCOM v Azure Monitor, The Big Debate

    Has Azure Monitor replaced SCOM? Which should you use and what are some best practices to adopt? See what these MVPs and industry experts have to say.

    SCOM 2019: What’s next

    What's new in SCOM 2019, as presented by Microsoft experts at Ignite 2019.

    SquaredUp 4.4 Is here

    We are delighted to announce the availability of SquaredUp for SCOM version 4.4.

    Getting hands on with SquaredUp for Azure

    What is SquaredUp for Azure, how does it work and what does it do? Get the lowdown from our Chief Product Officer John Shaw.

    SquaredUp Launches World’s First 360° Application Dashboards for Microsoft Azure

    What is SquaredUp for Azure, how does it work and what does it do? Get the lowdown from our Chief Product Officer John Shaw.

    SquaredUp for Azure is now live

    Our CEO and Founder Richard Benwell introduces our biggest release yet – 360° application dashboards for Microsoft Azure!

    New dashboard pack for SCOM Self-Maintenance MP

    We are excited to announce that we have a new dashboard pack on offer – this time for Tao Yang’s SCOM Self-Maintenance Management Pack! Integrate SCOM Self-Maintenance MP with SquaredUp Earlier this year, our sister company Cookdown acquired Tao Yang’s MP, which (as its name suggests) basically ensures that SCOM is always running smoothly. It...

    10 reasons why SCOM 2022 needs SquaredUp

    SquaredUp not only gets your teams engaged with SCOM, it also enables you to start monitoring your applications with SCOM, not just your infrastructure.

    GripMatix create dashboard pack for monitoring Citrix

    We are delighted to announce that GripMatix have created a brand new SquaredUp Dashboard Pack to complement their Citrix MP.

    Coffee break: Free SCOM essentials you should be using

    SCOM is a true powerhouse of a platform – that much is clear to anyone who’s used it. But it needs some extra love to unlock its true potential.

    SCOM is the most popular tool for monitoring SBC/ VDI

    Google “SCOM and Azure” and the top hits will tell you all about “Moving from SCOM to Azure Monitor”. You’d be forgiven for thinking SCOM is being replaced